'Twas the Month After Christmas...

'Twas the month after Christmas and all through the house
   The lights were still glowing, everyone was a grouse.
The stocking still hung with a complete lack of care.
    The tree was still up, the lights were still there.

The new presents were strewn about on the floor
    and I didn't think I could take anymore.
Too fatigued to pick up, too tired to think,
    and then from the next room there came a loud shriek.

From the bathroom I ran to see what was the matter,
    and what I beheld made me much sadder.
The new folded laundry was dumped in a heap
    and one little brother piled beneath.
Big brother had left the scene of the crime
    while the TV played Everything is Awesome for the 16th time.

Projects to do, blog posts to write,
    a big house to clean, and no end in sight.
Today I survived. So did my kids.
    A whole lot of cuddles is all that we did.
A lightsaber fight, a tower of blocks,
    and yes, the Christmas decor is still up.
The children are nestled all snug in their bed
    and visions of painting dance in my head.
Then on the monitor, I hear a small squeak.
    Upstairs I creep to take a quick peek.
Nothing's accomplished, try though I might,
Happy New Year to all, and to all moms a good night.

*Inspired by Clement Clarke Moore's, A Visit from St. Nicholas.

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