Disappointed Shopping, Recliners, and a Rug

I hope you all have been doing great this week! I have missed being on here as much as I used to be. The last couple of weeks especially have been really full for me. We all got sick and then I really had to buckle down on school work to make up the time I spent nursing sick kiddos.

My math classes this semester are definitely not as easy or as enjoyable to me as English and History were last semester! Math was never my best subject and it has been a few years since I last opened a math book so right now I'm currently taking no-credit developmental math classes to catch me up to college level math. I have discovered though that when I understand the "why" behind a concept, I like it more. Just how my mind works. Unfortunately, it seems most teachers just teach the skill, not the theory behind it.

Anyway, after all the craziness that has been the last couple weeks, Hubby and I decided to leave the kids with the grandparents and go chair shopping. Our Ikea wicker chairs have seen better days(they've never been good for curling up and reading a book in anyway) and the $2 green chair has completely busted. So I thought it was time to splurge with the tax return and get some extra nice armchairs for our living room.

Off we went to LazyBoy to see what stylish, non-recliner-y recliners they had.

Guys, it did not work out. I learned that when Hubby hears the word recliner, he's still thinking big, puffy, grandpa chair even if I had tried to emphasize how much I wanted a recliner that is nothing like that. I also learned that the cute recliners don't fit people over 6 feet tall. Guess which ones do?

Big, puffy, grandpa ones.

I was so disappointed and I wish I could say that I handled it in a grace-filled way. My face usually makes me look like I'm going to bite your head off if you talk to me even when I'm feeling perfectly happy. You can imagine what it looks like when I'm not. I'm trying to work on it.

We still don't know which direction to go with the chairs and, if you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed me pinning lots of chairs. Leather or fabric, dark or light, recliner or stationary, cheap or splurge? While our shopping trip may not have ended the way I anticipated, there is one thing that we did find.

It was a steal, really.

A  disappointing shopping trip for recliners leads to a great rug find!  A green striped, flat woven rug.

A  disappointing shopping trip for recliners leads to a great rug find!  A green striped flat woven rug with an ikea wicker chair

This flat woven, nearly 8x10, 100% wool rug that was originally $1000?

We got it for $50.

It was clearanced(that's a word now) way down at LazyBoy. I think it had been used on their showroom floor and I guess they really wanted to get rid of it. It has a couple loose threads and a few little dirt spots on it, but nothing a professional rug cleaner couldn't get out. I normally wouldn't have picked a green rug like this even though I like the color. For $50 bucks though, I might have bought it even if it was yellow.

Right now it's in our living room but I don't think it's staying there. Even though this rug is a good size, it's still not big enough for it. It will fit just perfectly in our guest room though, which I plan on redoing in the very near future as soon as I can get my craft/exercise room put together.

And before you think my room is so clean, this shot was taken while my mom had the boys so I could do schoolwork. I cleaned it up super fast and snapped a few shots. Look close and you can spot the duster hanging out on the unstyled dresser in the corner.

So what do you think of my steal? Any suggestions on chairs? I'm thinking something like a leather club chair with a higher back. The kind on BBC shows that the men sit in with their cigars and brandy after dinner. Thoughts?

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