My Mommy Survival Kit

All moms should have a Mommy Survival Kit! What's in yours? These are seven great ideas for staying sane and energized as mom! coffee chocolate school books bible shopping alone help

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity. We all do, right? Mommy can only take so much little chatter and interaction. My sensitive, introverted self just can't take it after a while.

I love my boys. But boys are so LOUD and rough. Throw in the strongest will ever and some days I just don't know what to do. I am so grateful for my husband because he understands how I am and knows when I need a break.

A tired and overwhelmed mommy is a cranky mommy and so I have a few things I do to help me stay sane. More sleep is always a given. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less, but even the best night's sleep can't always combat the crazy. That's why I make sure I also focus on doing these seven things.

All moms should have a Mommy Survival Kit! What's in yours? These are some great ideas for staying sane and energized! Coffee mug brown

1. Coffee

I know that was a big surprise. If you've been around here long, you already know I have an obsession with coffee. It gets me going in the morning and I usually have another cup in the afternoon. I know it's supposed to be a stimulant and can make anxiety worse, but I always feel more relaxed and calm after having a cup. Or two.

2. Real clothes

It really is awesome being in comfy jammies all day but I never feel like doing anything when I'm wearing them. I just want to sit around and drink coffee all day. I mean, I feel like that every day, but even more so when I stay in my PJs. Even if I don't get a chance to shower, I try to at least get dressed. Comfy leggings and tunics? Those totally count as real clothes, by the way. Forget yoga pants, I'll take all the leggings!

3. Going out alone

Whether it's going grocery shopping, buying all the things browsing at Target, thrifting, or just getting coffee, I try to get out at least once a week. Sometimes it's on the weekend, sometimes after Hubby gets off work during the week. The kids get daddy time and I get to go out and do some things that I enjoy that make me feel refreshed. Even if it's just an hour squeezed in for coffee or a leisurely stroll around the block, it's so important to have that recharge time.

4. Chocolate

My favorite source is the triple chocolate Nutella mug cake. I have a rough day, I eat a mug cake after the kids are in bed. Nutella really is one of my guilty pleasures. It has become a staple that must be in the house at all times, along with chocolate chips. Bad, I know. But so good.

5. School

I'm the weirdy that wants to stay in school forever. Last fall, I took a new step and enrolled in the local community college. I've since decided it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Ever since having Little Man, I had been in a kind of slump. He was colicky and I had some mild postpartum depression. It got better but I never really came out of that mental fog completely. I struggled to get everyday things done and I felt mentally trapped(which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place). When I started school, it was like a switch flipped.

Despite having more on my plate, I had more energy and I was better able to fit school, housework, kids, and projects into my day. Without melting down. Hubby noticed a change within a couple weeks. The mental exercise that college provides is one of the things that I need to thrive.

All moms should have a Mommy Survival Kit! What's in yours? These are some great ideas for staying sane and energized! school books bible coffee chocolate

Mommy survival kit activites for staying sane and energized as a mom coffee bible college chocolate

6. Bible reading

Taking the time to read my Bible is not something I do enough. Taking a few minutes to relax and read scripture helps calm me down and allows me to focus on who and what really matters. It is a struggle to fit into the busy day but it's always worth it.

7. Ask for help

Never feel guilty if you need help. Sometimes I see if my mom can take the boys for a bit or if my younger siblings can come play with them. Sometimes my mother-in-law comes to visit and helps take some of the stress off of me for a few days. Having family nearby is a great thing! I struggle more with asking my friends for help though, especially when they have their own littles to take care of. However, asking for 30 minutes by yourself is better than taking the crazy out on everyone.

What makes you feel your very best?

These seven things are the things that help me feel my best. My "Mommy Survival Kit," if you will. I know everyone is different and some of these things would not work for my more extroverted friends. The key is finding the activities that make you feel most alive and more you. What makes you most energized and happy? What are some things in your Mommy Survival Kit?

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