New Year, New House

Last year I kinda sorta gave up on writing. Not completely though because I'm stubborn. And because I do so love writing, especially research papers(totally not being sarcastic, I love research papers).

Yet here I am again.

Because I'm stubborn.

I'm certain that my innate stubbornness is one of the main reasons I made it through last year. It's been nearly that long since my last post and so much has happened in that time. It's been a year full of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and upheaval. 

Michigan Ranch style home with cedar siding with trees and brick driveway

Last summer, we said goodbye to Virginia and moved to our place in Michigan. When we first bought it, we didn't expect to live there a long time but then Hubby made a career change and everything happened rather suddenly. We are currently living in the basement since we already had renters upstairs. 

I suppose it's a good size for a basement but coming from a two story house to a basement has definitely been an adjustment. There are some things I've enjoyed about it though. I can hear the boys playing from wherever they are, I'm forced to only unpack what I need and live simply, and there's no stuff gathering on the stairs for me to put away(I feel like much of my time in our last house was spent going up and down stairs). 

The cons are that I can still hear the boys playing from wherever they are, I can't unpack all my stuff so there are boxes everywhere, and all our stuff just gathers on the pool table instead. The sink and dishwasher is miles away from the actual kitchen area and I think that's my biggest issue so far.

The view of the backyard makes up for a whole lot.

I wish I had more before pictures of the house. My phone broke after the move so I lost some of my pictures but I did manage to salvage a few photos. Excuse the horrible photography. I'm pretty sure that my old phone had the worse camera ever. These are all from the basement the day we moved in. I shared more upstairs pictures back when we first bought it.

Michigan ranch home basement on moving day

moving day in the basement in our ranch home with primitive rustic stone fireplace

Moving into our new ranch house basement

Moving day in our new ranch house bedroom

We had so much help from family to get it cleared and ready. There's no way we could have done it all on our own. They cleared out trash, donated stuff, ripped out carpet, moved furniture, and cleaned everything in the couple weeks before we arrived. Someone even loaned us their RV for us to live in while we got things more livable in the basement.

I feel like this move has been good for us in a lot of ways. There's that feeling of starting over brand new, everything clean and free of expectations. The property is quiet and secluded; I'm already attached to this small city and its slower pace. I feel more at peace now than I have in a long time, even if there is a Ratatouille situation in my attic.

We've fought off stinkbugs, met the local fire department, and survived Arctic temperatures. I even bought myself a puffy coat and snow boots, things I never thought I would own. I guess we're Michiganders now after all.

I'm excited to see where it leads us.

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