Life As We Know It

This post has been a long time coming and it's been percolating in my head for a while. It's been years since I have written a post but this blog has never been far from my mind. I always knew I would come back to it someday.

I just knew I couldn't write until I had a more settled understanding of myself and my family. 

After our big move to Michigan a few years ago, I was dealing with a severe back pain issue along with all the post-move adjustments that came to our family. I was depressed and anxious and so were my kids. My husband was dealing with a new job. It was too much. 

I burnt out.

It was a dark and hazy time for me. I don't know how much further to get into it than that because I have no clue where the TMI line is. But there have been a lot of things to work through and I've made some self-discoveries. Now I feel like I'm finally functioning fairly normally again. 

In the midst of it, we've been the process of seeking diagnoses for my neurodivergent kiddos, along with navigating therapies, IEPs, and homeschooling. And Covid. 

Still not sure how we caught that one.

So, I'm still here. I stink at sharing personal stuff and writing lengthy blog posts but I do have plans to blog more often. I'm also trying my hand at fiction writing so I may start sharing some of that as well. 

If you're still here following along after a three year break, you can leave me a comment and let me know! 

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  1. Glad to see you posting again! The fiction writing sounds exciting.


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