Thursday, April 17, 2014

Munchkin's Birth Story

Well, it's been about two months and I'm just now getting around to writing this up. There hasn't been a whole lot of time for writing around here period. All because of said Munchkin. Between a no napping toddler and a new baby, I barely have time to get a shower in a day.

Anyway, here is the short little tale along with some photos* of an adorable kid.

To talk about Munchkin's birth, I have to go back and give short recap of Little Man's birth. Just for perspective. Because these two births were totally different, thank goodness!

With Little Man, my water broke but I never really went into early labor. After almost 12 hours of almost nothing, we went to the hospital and got hooked up to Pitocin. Once it got going, I ended up with bad back labor that made even the space between contractions excruciating. Pushing lasted about 3 hours and ended with a bad tear. Turns out he wasn't in the optimal position, hence the puttering labor, back pain, and hours of pushing.

With no pain meds.

My "plan" had involved totally natural in the hospital birthing center with a midwife. I ended up in regular labor & delivery hooked up to Pitocin and a monitor. Definitely not what I had wanted. But I still got my midwife and I did it without the epidural. Both of those were important to me.

I was fervently praying for a great labor this time. I was ready to walk around on my hands and knees for a month if it meant getting that baby into the best position possible. Back labor is nothing to sneeze at, folks.

Munchkin's labor started out very similarly. My water broke in the middle of the night but, thankfully, this time early labor started and progressed. In the morning, I got up to make breakfast and my labor started petering off again. Scared me to death. I so did not want a repeat labor.

I decided to try hiding in my bedroom and relaxing. It worked and everything picked back up again. Within an hour or two, I was in active labor. And two hours after that, we were on our way to the hospital.

When we got there, I was feeling a little pushy but was told I was only at 5 cm. They proceeded to hook me up to the mandatory 20 minute baby monitor when all I wanted was the big birthing tub to sit in. Well, before those 20 minutes were up, I had a baby in my arms. I don't think I actively pushed once. He was out in a few pushes with no tearing(hallelujah!).

I never even made into the tub.

And zero back labor!

He was 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and 21 inches long. Just wook at dat widdle cute!

Ain't he sweet?

So there were ways that my labors were the same but, ultimately, they were very different. In all the best possible ways. And postpartum? I took months to recover the first time. This time around I had to keep reminding myself to take it easy.

I am so thankful for both my boys and wouldn't trade them for the world!

Do you have an interesting birth story to share? Or ways your birth was not what you expected, like me the first time around?

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*All photos were taken in the hospital by Bella Baby Photography

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY Floor Pillows for Kids

Back almost a year ago when I started planning the new nursery, I knew I wanted some child-size floor pillows. Kids are always playing on the floor and it just seemed right to give them some big comfy pillows to lounge on.

Since navy and green was the decided upon color scheme, I kept my eyes out for some cool solid or patterned material that I could make into pillow covers. I found a great green tablecloth at the thrift store that was perfect! I used some of the material for a Christmas pillow and, after the floor pillow, I still have enough for one more for around the house. For a second floor pillow, I chose a cadet blue chevron stripe that I found at Hancock Fabric.

DIY Floor Pillows for Kids

Because children will be laying on them and making them flat, I decided to buy feather inserts for my covers so I could fluff them. And if I decide that I'm finding way too many little feathers that little hands have pulled out, I can just switch out the inserts. Because I bought them cheap at Ikea. I think both 26"x 26" feather euro pillows were about $15 each.

To make my little kiddie floor pillows, I followed this great tutorial from Vintage Revivals. I only cut my material an inch bigger than my inserts to allow for a seam. I didn't want my covers too roomy.

DIY Floor Pillows for Kids

DIY Floor Pillows for Kids

Just ignore my not matched up pattern at the seams. I'm pretty sure that's a feat of magic, lining up prints when you sew. I doubt I will master it anytime soon. But, if I'm not analyzing other people's pillows at their houses, they must not be analyzing mine when they're at my house. There is beauty in imperfection and they are made with love.

At least that's my rationale.

In reality, I struggle to sew a straight seam. I'm hoping I'll get better with practice but I think I'm a hopeless case of impatience. 

DIY Floor Pillows for Kids

Little Man approved.

I can't wait until this nursery is completely finished and I can show it to you! We're working on purchasing a storage system for toy organization, hanging a gallery wall, and finishing up the curtains. Once those are checked off the list, just you wait! It's gonna be awesome!

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ps. I may be linking up to these link parties.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

That Time I Decided to Paint the Kitchen...{Part 2}

Last week I started telling our kitchen story. Today, it's time for part 2. If you would like to catch up, I suggest starting with The Kitchen, then reading The Leak, and finishing up with Part 1.

I left off with the kitchen painted and I wrote about The Leak and how we would need to replace the floor. Well, two weeks before my due date, they came to measure the floor and order it. We were all hoping that it could be done the following week, but an ice storm in Georgia prevented the flooring from getting here. So much for having it done before I was due.

Our newest little decided to come a few days early and they were all set to start ripping out the old floor the day after I came home from the hospital. Yippee. But at least I was getting a new floor! That was a happy thought. At least until they pulled it up and found Asbestos.

It was a small amount, and it wasn't disintegrating into dust, but we decided to leave the house anyway since we had little ones.

So after spending one night in my own bed with a new baby, we had to pack everything up and head to my parents' for a few days. And they had just moved 6 people, 3 dogs, and 1 cat, into a new house the day before the kid was born.

It was craziness.

I'm a little hazy on the details now but somehow along the way, in the middle of all this, it happened that we needed to replace the old yellowy toilet in the downstairs bathroom. And we all agreed that a yellowy sink did NOT go with a new white toilet. I'm really not sure what it ever went with...anyway, we got a new white sink!

Finally, the floor and the bathroom were finished and we were able to come home. And this is where we are now with the kitchen...

I'm not completely done with the kitchen(obviously, right?). The window above the sink and a door still need paint, the painters tape needs to come down in spots, and, because of baby, I still haven't had a chance to find a home for all the stuff that was moved around. Eh. That's life.

But it's progress.

And a new floor!

I'd love to paint the cabinets and change out the hardware and hang some open shelving above the counter on the left as well. And there's no way I could forget rugs and window treatments! Maybe some nice bamboo roman shades? Ah, yes!

The bathroom changes will be coming in another post so watch out for it!

What are you thinking of the changes so far? Have you ever started a simple project that opened a whole 'nother can of worms?

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Review 2014

A new month! April is here and, hopefully, so is the spring weather. It's been beboppin' around from 70 degrees one day to 40 the next. Today has been nice. Virginia is confused.

There's not a whole lot of posts from March. I'm still working on getting a good schedule down and fighting the tired. But it was a good month. Sure went fast! Here's the March Review!

If you have a blog with a March review type post, leave me a link! I'd love to come by and visit you.

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