Wednesday, April 15, 2015

31 Days to Less Clutter: Don't Be a Dragon

31 Days to Less Clutter: Don't Be a Dragon. Simplify your life and surround yourself with what you love!

Well, it's been over a month since I started this declutter thing. It has felt so good letting things go! That little stamp I get on my Goodwill card every time I drop something off makes me happy too!

What Goodwill card you ask? Maybe everyone knows this already but I'm kind of excited about it! When you donate to Goodwill, you can get a 20% off coupon card. Bring it back every time you donate, get it stamped, and after four stamps you can use it on your next Goodwill purchase. Pretty great, right? You know what else is great?

31 Days to Less Clutter: Don't Be a Dragon. Simplify your life and surround yourself with what you love!

This view right here. This used to be my room of shame. It wasn't functional at all. I have had great big plans for this room for some time but all that junk was getting in the way. Literally.

Check out the before and after:

31 Days to Less Clutter: Don't Be a Dragon. Simplify your life and surround yourself with what you love!

It's way more peaceful and I can find things. It's nowhere near done but I definitely have some ideas. I can't wait to get started!

I feel like this month of purging was just the beginning for me. Some things I set aside knowing that I would have to come back to them. I just wasn't ready yet. I didn't get all my surfaces accessory-less either but some of them I did. I was able to see some things in the living room that I hadn't been able to because of all the clutter.

I have never looked at my house and thought, "Gee, we need more space." I grew up in a big family and we always lived in small houses. In the last house, we were fitting 8 people into an old, 3 bedroom house with one bathroom. I will shake my head at you if you try to tell me that your family of 4 can't fit into a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, house. Try getting 8 people ready for church in one bathroom. More when your cousins come to visit.

I know what it is like to live in a small space.

Storage can always be more efficient, but I know that when storage becomes an issue for me, it's probably a good idea to evaluate what I'm trying to store. Our culture is a culture of stuff and because we have so many things, we think we need more space to store these things around us. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a big house and nice things if you can afford it. I'd love a private Scottish island with a castle myself.  I'm just saying that sometimes the space is already there if I'm willing to hold things with an open hand.

We can't hold onto good feelings and memories by keeping all the things. By piling it around ourselves until we resemble gold-hoarding dragons, simultaneously obsessed and enslaved by our growing piles of stuff. I feel like I'm playing both sides. On one hand I'm saying get rid of stuff and on the other I'm saying keep what you love! There is a balance here because while simplifying our lives is good, it is also good to surround yourself and your family with the things that are special to you.

I don't want a hoard of meaningless things that I don't really love. I am determined that our home will be a haven, a reflection of who we are, and that it will tell our story. I don't want to be a dragon either, even if they are kinda cool.

What are your thoughts on home and clutter? I want to hear what you think!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

19 Ideas for Reusing Old Shutters

I love it when everything is organized. No really, I do. Unfortunately, I need a little help sometimes to get there.

Like this shutter jewelry organizer.

19 Ideas for Reusing Old Shutters: Rustic Shabby Chic Shutter Jewelry Organizer

I was desperate for a jewelry storage solution and this little shutter upcycle works perfectly for me. I haven't had any issues and it's held up great. I even remember to put my jewelry back on it most of the time. Like I said, I need a little help sometimes.

Not too long ago, I put together a board of recycled pillow ideas on Hometalk. Hometalk is similar to Pinterest but it's solely for the home and garden. Perfect for house nerds like me! Well, I've also recently put together a shutter upcycle board!

19 Ideas for Reusing Old Shutters

19 great ideas for reusing old shutters! How awesome it that? You can click on the picture or the link above to view the board. If you are already on Hometalk, you can follow me here. I'd love to connect with you there!

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Friday, April 3, 2015

February-March Review {2015}

Hello April!

I'm hoping that the weather is planning on becoming more spring-like soon so that I can start my garden! Right now it's nice and windy outside and it feels wonderful! I've got my spring cleaning cap on this week and I've already dumped a considerable amount of stuff off at the thrift store. The boys' grandma is visiting this week and she has them out on a walk in their wagon right now. This mama needed a moment to blog and drink her coffee in peace!

I love grandmas.

Since I've only been averaging two posts a month lately, I'm combining the review of February and March. That way there's a little bit more for you to read. I'll be back next week with a wrap up of my declutter month. My declutter month that has now leaked over into this month. That's what happens when you try to declutter your entire house at once and you keep getting distracted by shiny things and small children.

Here we go...

February-March Review {2015} Kitchen Kilims

February-March Review {2015}: Get More Done! 5 Tips for Busy Moms.

February-March Review {2015}: 31 Days to Less Clutter, 31 Days Accessory Free

February-March Review {2015}: 31 Days to Less Clutter: Let It Go!

Happy weekend friends! Thanks for sticking around. I love you all!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

31 Days to Less Clutter: 5 Tips for Knowing What to Keep

So now that we've let go of our clutter, how do we know what to keep? I've been going around the house purging like a crazy person and I have a few guidelines that I'm going by. Because you know I'd never go so far as to call them rules. I'm a rebel like that.

1. Has it been used in the past year? 

If you're aren't currently using it, it probably isn't something you love or need. Seasonal decorations don't come out but once a year and there may be an extra set of dishes that you keep put away for when you have visitors. There are some things I'm keeping that I'm not using yet but I know I will once I tweak it. Or once I've decluttered and made some space for it. If you have it you should be using it!

2. Is it in good shape?

Some things have just seen better days. Pillows flatten, dishes chip and scratch, and fabrics become threadbare and stained. Some things are just out of date or your personal style has changed. If it's something you really want to keep for sentimental reasons, look into having it restored or reupholstered so you can actually use it. Or find a unique way to display it so it can bring you happiness even in it's shabby state.

If it's something that's needed(like towels) but you can't afford to replace them yet, keep a list of items to replace and gradually work through it, replacing things as you can. For example, I have an awesome navy blue cardigan that I love but it isn't good quality. I am wearing it out because I wear it all the time. It goes on my list of things to look for while I keep wearing it as is. Once I find a replacement, I'll get rid of it.

3. Does it serve a purpose?

Pretty easy, right? I don't automatically throw something out if it doesn't have an apparent purpose. Some purposes are obvious. The bed is for sleeping, the vase is for flowers, the basket is supposed to be for holding the remotes. The not so obvious purpose is enriching your life. Does it accomplish that purpose?

4. Is it meaningful? 

I know it is super hard to get rid of things, especially things that have been with us for many years and have many memories attached to them. There is a time to keep those things that aren't our favorite aesthetically simply because they have real meaning to us. I have a few things that have been passed down through my family that I want to keep even though it might not be "me." Except it is me because those things have become a part of me and my family's story. Those things become a part of your story too.

Embrace them.

I really want to talk about every gift from every friend, every coworker, every family member. Do you really need every single one? Keep your favorites(that you love and that have real meaning) and give the other things a new home with someone who will love them. Don't let that stuff clutter your home or your attic.

5. Do I love it?

A lot of the stuff that I'm getting rid of is stuff I do like. I just don't love it. I don't get giddy happy when I see it. It doesn't make my life better.

31 Days to Less Clutter: Knowing What to Keep William Morris Quote

This is where I'm trying to get! This quote is one of my absolute favorites and it sums it all up so well. Keep what you know is useful. Keep what you believe is beautiful.

Let go of everything else.

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