Breezy Farmhouse Bedroom Mood Board

Guys, I am not sure I've been so excited about a room design before. Seriously, I wish this was going to be my room. I can see it all in my head and it is going to be fabulous!

Our current guest room was thrown together with what I had at the time. I never designed it. When we decided to move the nursery and turn Little Man's room into the new guest room, I just left the color in there because it was only a couple years old and I still loved it. I just used old bedding and whatever lighting I happened to find at the thrift store to make it usable. It never quite felt right, no matter how many times I rearranged and added things.

How to Make No-Sew, Knock-Off IKEA Curtains

How to Make navy striped, No-Sew, Knock-Off Ikea Marmorblad Curtains diy no sew

I put up my boys' vintage modern nursery reveal last fall and I just realized that I never told you all about the curtains! I hinted at a curtain tutorial and then never did it. Whoops!

Well, here it is now and it's super easy!

Top 5 Favorite, No Fail Paint Colors

It's no secret around here. I love to paint. It's like therapy to me. There's something about the smell and watching the walls change colors with every pass of the roller. Add in some great showtunes to sing along with and it's a perfect way to spend an evening.

It's also no secret that I'm a weirdy.

Since I love painting so much, you would think I'd have an easy time picking out paint colors. Nope. I love the process. I love the paint chips. I love testing out the colors. But it stresses me out.

It's like I can feel the colors. It has to feel just right and have the perfect undertone. A perfectly good color can make me feel extremely uncomfortable depending on the room and the lighting. Weirdy, remember?

my top five favorite no fail paint colors snowbound white kitchen walls chalkboard canvas wooden dining table chairs

My top five favorite paint colors are colors I have agonized over finding. Like, there may have been tears involved. I've spent a small fortune in discovering them(would you believe how expensive 20 sample paint pots can be?). These are all colors I have lived with in my house and that I love.

Real Style: Sunday Church

I thought I'd try out a new thing this week. I've been trying to figure out what I really love to write about and thinking of branching a little bit outside the home decorating lines. I think it would be more interesting anyway. I'm interested in a very wide variety of subjects so I don't always feel like I'm being real with all of you when I just stick to one thing.

I am open to your feedback though so if y'all have any thoughts on the matter, I'd love to hear them! I really want to be encouraging and helpful to you. If there's anything you would like to see me talk about, please tell me. I love to research new things!

Anyway, back to today. I love clothes. Like way too many of us, I have a growing collection. It's funny because I have a small shoe and makeup collection. Those really aren't my thing so I just buy what I need. But comfy clothes? I have to try very hard to say no.

When I put on an outfit, I want to look stylish without really trying while staying super comfy all day. You'll never find me wearing 4 inch heels or anything super frilly or scratchy. I want soft, stretchy, and simple without resorting to big t-shirts and yoga pants everyday.

I love seeing how other people put together outfits, even ones that aren't my style, and so I thought maybe I could do the occasional outfit post. Complete with info on where you can find what I'm wearing or something similar. Something fun and maybe something helpful too!

Today I'm sharing what I wore on Sunday.

Real Style: Sunday Church. Comfy church outfit with white boatneck shirt, green stretchy pencil skirt with birds, and vintage jewelry, gold necklace, earrings, brown flats.

Real Style: Sunday Church. Comfy church outfit with white boatneck shirt, green stretchy pencil skirt with birds, and vintage jewelry, gold necklace, earrings, brown flats.

Real Style: Sunday Church. Comfy church outfit with white boatneck shirt, green stretchy pencil skirt with birds, and vintage jewelry, gold necklace, earrings, brown flats.

I kinda grabbed Hubby while he was grilling burgers, told him to take my picture and started doing silly model poses for fun. I guess he got a few decent ones though the light isn't the best. And the oh so obvious hair band on my wrist that I forgot to take off. Oh well.

Where to find it:

(other colors and prints available)

Stretchy pencil skirt: $35 from LuLaRoe
(I can point you to a couple great LLR sellers. They might not have this particular awesome bird print but they have lots of others)

(other colors available-I also have black and leopard pairs)

Earrings: Target
(you can't see them in the photos but I'm wearing these)

I wore this outfit all day long. To church, to run errands, and then through a small cookout with a few friends and family that were in town for the weekend. Super comfy!

Do y'all like the idea of an occasional style post? I had a lot of fun doing this one! Even though it felt weird putting so much of me in this post. Hope y'all didn't mind!

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Summer Living Room Tour

So the last couple weeks have been super full and stressful around here. Over the course of those two weeks I started a summer class, we celebrated Independence Day, My Nana and my aunt, uncle, and cousins came for a visit, as well as in-laws and some friends from out of state. All that equaled lots of cleaning, visiting, swimming, and two big cookouts.

By some miracle of timing, I ended up alone for a couple hours before the big cookout at our house. Hubby and friends had taken the kids to the beach while I was at school and when I got back, everyone else was making a grocery run. So I got to chill and tidy the house all by myself.

I had just cleaned a bit and was sitting down to enjoy my hot coffee in complete silence when I suddenly remembered that my house was clean and empty.

Perfect for picture taking.

Everything was clean(except maybe a few papers lying around) but nothing was styled. I rushed around, upstairs and down, grabbing stuff and trying to get it all done before everyone arrived.

A cottage-like summer living room tour using whites, neutrals, and small pops of color in furniture and plants. beige sofa couch, wood coffee table, alabaster white walls, beige carpet, pillows, plant, books,driftwood, metal orb sphere ball, white curtains.

My Mommy Survival Kit

All moms should have a Mommy Survival Kit! What's in yours? These are seven great ideas for staying sane and energized as mom! coffee chocolate school books bible shopping alone help

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity. We all do, right? Mommy can only take so much little chatter and interaction. My sensitive, introverted self just can't take it after a while.

I love my boys. But boys are so LOUD and rough. Throw in the strongest will ever and some days I just don't know what to do. I am so grateful for my husband because he understands how I am and knows when I need a break.

A tired and overwhelmed mommy is a cranky mommy and so I have a few things I do to help me stay sane. More sleep is always a given. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less, but even the best night's sleep can't always combat the crazy. That's why I make sure I also focus on doing these seven things.

How to Decorate a Long Mantel

How to Decorate a Long Mantel

I love fireplaces. In fact, it may be one of those things on my "must have" list for whenever we buy a house. Being warm and cozy is a top priority for me and a fireplace definitely adds that factor. Out of the four houses I remember living in while I was growing up, only one had a fireplace. I love having one in our current house.

Of course, one of the best things about having a fireplace is having a mantel to decorate! Every room needs a focal point; one wall that makes a big statement and gives the eye something to focus on upon entering. Generally, a fireplace will automatically determine which wall is the focal point in a room.

When we first moved into our house, I was lost on how to decorate our long mantel. It stretches across an entire wall in our living room and it makes a big statement all on its own! I liked that it made an impact, but I didn't know how to decorate it. The internet was no help either. No blogger or designer really had anything to say about long fireplace mantels. The few photos I did find were more a lesson in what not to do.

It seems there are two things people tend to do when decorating a long mantel(or any mantel for that matter) and that is, one, using items too small in scale, and two, decorating the entire length of the mantel. Over the past couple of years, I've identified what seems to work for our long mantel. And really, most of it is just following what works for normal mantels. A good mantel design has several "layers"  of items.

The first step is...